PC Software Conference II
November 2004, Mountain View, CA
On November 19, 2004, the Software History Center (the predecessor to the Software Industry Special Industry Group) convened a second meeting of PC Software pioneers to share their knowledge of the early days of the PC software industry and record their recollections of the events and people that shaped the industry.  This meeting was held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA and included three workshops on various aspects of the PC software industry.  The workshops were recorded and the transcripts have been edited and posted on the Computer History Museum's Oral History website.  The workshops are listed below with links to the transcripts.



Aspray, Bill                              Hines, Karol

Bergin, Tim                              Hoxie, Gib

Bergstrom, Mark                      Jerger, Doug

Bride, Ed                                 Johnson, Luanne

Bugos, Glenn                           Kapor, Mitch

Byers, Tom                              Keet, Lee

Carlston, Doug                         LaHay, Ed

Carr, Robert                             Mahoney, Mike

Ceruzzi, Paul                           Peuto, Bernard

Coleman, Denis                       Phillips, Jan

Cortada, Jim                            Roizen, Heidi

Edmondson, Chris                    Roizen, Peter

Ensmenger, Nathan                  Ross, Ken

Esber, Ed                                Schachter, Oscar

Farros, Royal                           Shustek, Len

Glaser, George                        Spicer, Dag

Grad, Burt                               Toole, John

Grier, David                             Walter, Brett

Haigh, Thomas                        Williams, Mike

Harris, Peter                           Wilson, Camilo

Hendrix, Gary                         Yost, Jeff


Companies Represented:

ACT, Ashton-Tate, Broderbund Software, C&E Software, Contact Management Systems, DEC, Digital Research, Dun & Bradstreet,  Fortex, Lifetree Software, Lotus, National CSS, Personal Software, Ross Systems, Software News, SRI, Symantec, T/Maker, tsi