ADAPSO Reunion

May 3-4, 2002
Washington, DC

On May 3 – 4, 2002, the Software History Center (the predecessor to the Software Industry Special Interest Group) assembled a group of people who had been active in ADAPSO in its early decades to discuss their involvement in ADAPSO and analyze the benefits they and their companies had received as a result of ADAPSO’s services to the industry. The meeting opened with a cocktail reception and dinner on Friday, May 3, highlighted by the personal recollections of Senator Frank Lautenberg, a founder of Automatic Data Processing and ADAPSO President in 1967-68.

The full day meeting on Saturday May 4 began with presentations by representatives from the Software History Center and the four co-sponsoring organizations for the meeting: the Charles Babbage Institute, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History, the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, and the Information Technology Association of America. The luncheon speaker was Dr. Martin Campbell-Kelly of the University of Warwick, author of From Airline Reservations to Sonic the Hedge-Hog: A History of the Software Industry.

The rest of the Saturday program consisted of a series of ten workshops, each of which explored one of the many and varied programs that ADAPSO pursued on behalf of its membership. Each workshop was co-moderated by an industry leader who had been active in ADAPSO during the time period being covered and by a professional historian. Transcripts of the workshops have been edited and posted on the Computer History Museum’s Oral History website. The workshops are listed below with links to the transcripts.


Albert, Sam Johnston, Julia
Allison, David K. Jones, Kim
Ances, Carol Anne Keane, John
Aspray, William Keet, Lee
Bergin, Tim Keet, Nancy
Blankenship, Betty Krammer, Joan
Blankenship, Buck Lautenberg, Sen. Frank
Blumberg, Joe Maguire, John N.
Bride, Edward J. Maples, Mike
Brizdle, Barbara Markoski, Joseph
Campbell, David Miller, Harris N.
Campbell-Kelly, Martin Nugent, Mike
Carlson, Bart Palenski, Ronald J.
Carpenter, Richard Piscopo, Joe
Ceruzzi, Paul Rollins, John W.
Coleman, Bruce Saunders, Mary Jane
Crandall, Rick Schachter, Amy
Dent, T. Lowell Schachter, Oscar
Dreyer, Jerry Schnell, Linda
Durbin, Gary Schoenberg, Larry
Ensmenger, Nathan Sherman, David
Esch, Arthur Sinback, Werner
Frana, Philip L. Sturtevant, David
Goetz, Martin Tasker, Joe
Goetz, Norma Thatcher, Dick
Goldberg, Jay Treleavan, James
Goldstein, Bernard Virgo, Elizabeth M.
Gracza, John Weissman, Robert
Grad, Burt Welke, Larry
Grier, David A. Wessel, Joan
Haigh, Thomas Wormser, David
Jerger, Doug Yeaton, Jack
Johnson, Luanne Yost, Jeffrey

Banking Litigation and Issues of the 1960s

ADAPSO Conferences

Accounting Issues

Telecommunications Issues

IBM Relations

Big Eight Accounting Firms

Industry Image

Contracts Reference Directory

Companies Represented:

ACT, ADAPSO, ADP, ADR, AGS , Atlantic Software, AZTECH, Boole & Babbage, Broadview Associates, Computech, Computerworld, Computing and Statistical Service Corp., Computer Power, Computer Task Group, Comshare, Control Data, Data Processing of the South, Decision Strategy, Dun & Bradstreet, Forecross, Fortex, General Electric Information Services,  Genesys, Group 1 Software,  IBM,  ICP, Index Technology, Informatics, Interactive Data Corporation, Merit Systems, National CSS, National Systems Laboratories, Service Bureau Corporation, Software AG, Software Design Associates, Software Magazine, Software News, Specifics, Tesseract, Turnkey Systems, Univac

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