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Our mission to preserve the history of the software industry includes encouraging organizations and individuals who have historical materials in their files to donate those materials to an archival organization where they can be preserved for the future and also be catalogued and indexed to make them accessible to researchers.

Individuals and organizations who have made donations of substantial collections of historical materials as a result of our efforts are the following.

Donated to the Charles Babbage Institute, Minneapolis, MN (

ITAA (now known as TechAmerica): ADAPSO documents

Lawrence A. Welke: ICP publications and documents

Joan Wessel: Milton Wessel’s ADAPSO documents

Donated to the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA (

Carl Baltrunas: Tymshare/Tymnet documents and objects

Roger Dyer: GEIS documents

Werner Frank: Professional papers and Informatics documents

Burton Grad: Professional papers and GE, IBM and Burton Grad Associates documents

Karol Hines: Ross Systems documents

John P. Imlay, Jr.: Professional papers and MSA documents

Rich Lynn: Tymshare documents

Robert MacDonald: Informix documents

Gary Morgenthaler: Ingres and Tymshare documents

Tim O’Rourke: Tymshare documents

Robert Patrick: Professional papers

Lawrence J. Schoenberg: Professional papers and AGS documents

Materials for the Computer History Museum archives have also been donated by attendees at our Pioneer Meetings and contributors to the IT Corporate Histories Collection. These collections consist of a number of donations each too small to be listed individually but combined with other donations, they comprise a significant collection for each of the companies or organizations listed below.

AGS Computers




Cincom Systems

Computer Usage Company


Digital Research, Inc.





NACCB (National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses)


Ross Systems

Software AG

Software Design Associates

Software Publishing


Updata Capital, Inc.


3 thoughts on “Materials Collection

  1. I was concerned that people was collecting the hardware but not the software and documentation which to me is just as important. I have collected a lot of software and documentation for the micro computer era. I would like to contribute it. Can you help,

  2. Hi,
    I was a FORTRAN programmer on a Univac 1108 computer running on EXEC 2 (remote user on University Computing Company, based in Texas).
    I have a number of Univac manuals – Exec 2, Exec 8, FORTRAN, Principals of Operation. etc. Maybe 20 manuals, used but fair condition.
    I can donate the ones you want.
    Please, either:
    a) send me a list of what you have, and I will make a list of others that I have, and ask for verification before I ship them to the Museum.
    b) I can list what I have, and you identify what you want.
    Jim Guinan New Jersey

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