Information Technology Corporate Histories Collection

The Information Technology Corporate Histories Collection was created under a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  The SI SIG’s predecessor, the Software History Center, partnered with the Computer History Museum and the Charles Babbage Foundation to administer the grant to develop the website and establish the collection.

Materials from 56 software and services, data storage and semi-conductor companies are included in the collection.  These include personal anecdotes, company documents, and company timelines.  The collection includes an overview description of each company, 1,955 timeline events, 2,021 documents, 307 personal stories of people active in these companies, and 165 references to related materials available from other sources.

Substantial materials have been collected for the following software and services companies.  To view the collection for each company click on the company’s name.

Adobe Systems, Inc,
AGS Computers, Inc.
Apple Computer
Boole & Babbage
Cincom Systems, Inc.
Computer Sciences Corporation
Computer Task Group
Computer Usage Company
Digital Research Inc.
General Electric Information Services (GEIS)
International Computer Programs, Inc. (ICP)National CSS
Peter Norton Computing
Ross Systems
Software AG North America
Software Design Associates
Software Publishing

To see a complete list of all the companies included in the Information Technology Corporate Histories Collection, click here.

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