HP Software Meeting

June 5, 2008
Mountain View, CA

On June 5, 2008, the Software Industry Special Industry Group convened a meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA of pioneers who had provided software to support HP minicomputers during the 1960s through 1990s. Four workshops were held on topics related to the origins and growth of the HP software industry. The workshops were recorded and the transcripts are being edited to be posted on the Computer History Museum’s Oral History website. The workshops are listed below and links to the transcripts will be added when they have been posted.


Adamson, Michael House, Chuck
Alberts, Gerard Jerger, Doug
Bergquist, Rick Klein, Mark
Browne, Marty Mahoney, Michael
Bugos, Glenn Mancini, Anna
Cooper, Steve Mecham, Doug
Damm, Jack Rego, Alfredo
Dennis, Steve Sakakihara, Phil
Dunbar, Dave Seybold, Ron
Elder, Nick Sieler, Stan
Gentry, Grace Thorpe, Harper
Gorfinkel, Martin White, Fred
Grad, Burton Woc, Rene


Origins of HP Third Party Software Companies (ISVs and VARs)

Starting HP Software Businesses

ISV and VAR Technologies up to the mid-1980s

Business Growth of HP Third Party Software Companies

Companies Represented:

ACT, Argonaut Information Systems, Creative Socio Medics, DEC, Oracle, Ross Systems, Wild Hare

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