PC Software: Spreadsheets for Everyone

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Vol. 29 Number 3, July-September 2007
This issue is the second of special issues of The Annals produced by the Software Industry Special Interest Group on the topic of PC Software.  This issue focused on the development of Visicalc and Lotus 1-2-3.  It includes articles by industry and an article providing an historical perspective by computer historians Martin Campell-Kelly.  Guest editors were Burton Grad and Paul E. Ceruzzi.


The articles and the authors of each are listed below.  Click on the name of the author(s) to see an abstract of the article on the IEEE website.
Paul Ceruzzi and Burton Grad, Guest Editors’ Introduction: PC Software-Spreadsheets for Everyone.
Martin Campell-Kelly, Number Crunching Without Programming: The Evolution of Spreadsheet Usability.
Burton Grad, The Creation and Demise of Visicalc.
Mitch Kapor, Recollections on Lotus 1-2-3: Benchmark for Spreadsheet Software
Jonathan Sachs, Recollections:  Developing Lotus 1-2-3
Mario Aloisio, Computing at the Malta Statistics Office, 1947-1980.

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