The Start of the Software Products Industry

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Vol. 24 Number 1, January-March, 2002
This special issue of The Annals was produced by The Software History Center (the predecessor to the Software Industry Special Interest Group).  It focused on the software industry in the 1960s, the people who founded the earliest software products companies, and the impact of IBM unbundling on the emerging software products industry.   The guest editors were Burton Grad and Luanne Johnson.
The articles and the authors of each are listed below.  Click on the name of the author(s) to see an abstract of the article on the IEEE website.
Burton Grad and Luanne Johnson, Guest Editors Introduction:  The Start of the Software Products Industry.
Thomas Haigh, Software in the 1960s as Concept, Service and Product.
Luanne Johnson, Creating the Software Industry:  Recollections of Software Company Founders of the 1960s.
Martin Goetz, Memoirs of a Software Pioneer, Part 1.
Emerson W. Pugh, Origins of Software Bundling.
Watts S. Humphrey, Software Unbundling: A Personal Perspective.
Burton Grad, A Personal Recollection:  IBM’s Unbundling of Software and Services.
James W. Cortada,  Researching the History of Software from the 1960s.

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