Time-sharing/Remote Processing Services Meeting

June 2-3, 2009
Mountain View, CA

On June 2-3, 2009, the Software Industry Special Industry Group conducted a two-day meeting for pioneers from companies that provided time-sharing and remote processing services. The meeting was held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA and included eleven workshop sessions on focused on various aspects of founding and growing these businesses. The workshops were recorded and the transcripts are being edited to be posted on the Computer History Museum’s Oral History website. The workshops are listed below and links to the transcripts will be added when they have been posted.


Bayles, Richard LaHay, Ed
Belvin, Frank McDonald, Chris
Brook, Chris McJones, Paul
Crandall, Rick Myers, Gary
Grad, Burton Orenstein, Dick
Haigh, Thomas Rawlings, Nick
Hardy, Ann Ross, Ken
Hardy, Norm Schmidt, Dave
Humphries, Mike Stein, Jeffery
Jerger, Doug Wyman, Mike
Johnson, Luanne


Technology:  Early Development

Formation of TS/RPS Companies

Marketing and Sales: Initial Market Opportunities

Business Models: Making Money

Growth in Applications

Technology:  Later Development

Operations: Communications and Platforms

Marketing and Sales: Adapting to Changing Markets

Customer Services and Support

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Demise and Legacy of TS/RPS

Companies Represented:

Comshare, General Electric Information Services, Interactive Data Corp., National CSS, On-Line Business Systems, Ross Systems, Tymshare

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